My illustrated children's books

Tuesday 12th December 2023


A few years back (not that many years) I fulfilled I lifelong goal to write, illustrate and publish a children's picture book.

That first book was called A Frog Named Bob and told the story of a young frog who didn't know what sound he should make. So, to find out exactly what sound a frog should make he hopped around his animal friends to see just what sound they made. 

Of course, a neigh, a moo, an oink or a bleet weren't going to cut it so Bob pretty much gave up. Until that is, a girl frog sat beside him and said "Ribbit". And that was it! Bob had found his voice, he'd found his "Hello". 

Little did I realise at the time but I was writing something that proved useful to children who were somewhat reluctant to speak. A few teacher friends of mine had explained that they were using the book in their early years classrooms and I was beyond thrilled. 

So the passion for writing for young children propelled me further and I create a couple more picture books; My Hairy, Scary Best Friend and The Great Underground Adventure.

I also went into schools to work with young children in creating their own books. All of which are available through my Amazon Author Profile (linked in the nav).

Here are some direct links to my first books: