Filling my skills gap

Monday 11th December 2023 (updated: Tuesday 12th December 2023)




A list of things I really need to get a handle on. Some I'm used commercially and some I haven't.

* React (probably my priority as it focuses on the V bit of MVC)
* Vue (I like the idea of this one's simplicity)
* Angular (probably a bit more involved as it is a full client-side MVC endeavour)
* Laravel (the go-to framework for PHP MVC support)
* Python (probably the lowest priority; more intrigue)

I'm very much a vanilla guy. The HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript that I write is done without libraries (excluding, jQuery. I like jQuery).

I'm also a very procedural guy. It just makes better sense to me in terms of reading and editing my code. Something I cannot abide is having to open 400+ files just to figure out how something is adding 3 numbers. Object orientation has its place, but not in my thinking. 

All of this thinking should probably change.