Invaders 2095 - JavaScript game in development

Sunday 23rd July 2023 (updated: Thursday 24th August 2023)



Dev log - Development started December 2022

Oops. Appears I have a problem with the high score table. Investigating. 

  • May 2023 - modifications
    • Added touch control - can now be played using a mobile phone / tablet etc.
    • Removed the high score table for touch control - too much faff for selecting the characters when entering your initials
    • Touch control uses localStorage for saving the high score
    • Lightened the playership's colour to avoid clash with environment - better for mobile play
    • Raised the start height of the playership to better accommodate touch movement and reduce clash with browser interface
  • Fixed incorrect call to spawnExplosionXY() on playerdeath.
  • Set base speed of player (m.player.speed) to 6 instead of 4. Give the player a fighting chance!
  • Removed key repeat and the burst of lasers.
  • Throttled player lives count on each game tick to overcome browser config to provide user defined lives count.
  • Added a couple of new alien formations.
  • Sorted the colour cycling on the hi score table. (Still not 100% happy with it but it will do)
  • Adjusted the canvas width and height variables to better suit landscape orientation.
  • Re-positioned hiscore input characters and player cursor to fit new orientation parameters.
  • Re-adjusted the in-game sprite x,y of various items to be calculated rather than hard coded.
  • Fixed a glitch in the explosion rendering. Animation frame was being reset in the wrong location causing a flicker of the first frame at the end of the animation sequence.
  • Ditched the idea of presenting an 80s style arcade cabinet backdrop.
  • Created 3 different saucers each with their own powerup drop: Lasers, Speed Boost, Extra Life.