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Turning coarse dirt into luscious green grass in Minecraft

Thursday 4th January 2024


I love playing Minecraft. It's my switch-off after a busy day.I don't tend to play it as it 'should' be played (i.e. fighting my way to the end and defeating the Ender Dragon) but I do always play in Survival Mode. Where's the fun without a challenge, hey? So, my main aim when playing Minecraft is to create a village. Sometimes villages become towns and on the odd rare occasion they become quite a bit bigger after weeks of modifications. I recently started a new world and walked, swam and rowed around 40,...[more]

My illustrated children's books

Tuesday 12th December 2023


A few years back (not that many years) I fulfilled I lifelong goal to write, illustrate and publish a children's picture book. That first book was called A Frog Named Bob and told the story of a young frog who didn't know what sound he should make. So, to find out exactly what sound a frog should make he hopped around his animal friends to see just what sound they made.  Of course, a neigh, a moo, an oink or a bleet weren't going to cut it so Bob pretty much gave up. Until that is, a girl frog sat be...[more]

St. Wystan's church, Repton Derbyshire

Monday 28th August 2023 (updated: Wednesday 30th August 2023)



Not much to do on a bank holiday Monday so I took myself off to Repton to (finally) go and see the 7th century church of St. Wystan. I'd always been fascinated by the fact that the Vikings had raided and laid waste to much of the place, but ultimately there's so much more to the church and the settlement of Repton in general.  Repton is situated in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Mercia. As many notices around the town will tell you it was, in fact, the kingdom's capital. But that all changed fol...[more]