For some inexplicable reason I decided to publish a list of all the films that I own with my opinion on each. For what that's worth.

Midnight In Paris

Quite simply my favourite movie in years.

The appeal of this film, for me, is far reaching.

The Parisian setting, the charm of the locations, the superb turn from the leads, the throwback to the 1920s and some of my own heroes in Hemingway, Picasso et al.

This film has it all.

Of course it's ridiculous but it's enjoyably ridiculous.

Not so ridiculous that it couldn't pick up gong for Best Original Screenplay.

Woody Allen does this stuff superbly and Owen Wilson fills his on-screen shoes with great panache.

Teens will enjoy this.

A great film to watch with a good red. I highly recommend something French, obviously :-)

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