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Looking for a literary agent for my short story

I wrote a short story. It needs a little work but I reckon I’m onto something. I just need an editor. Or an agent. Or both. Also, if any of the major studios are reading it’d make a cracking Autumn release alongside the latest Avengers drivel.

Once upon a time somebody somewhere had a large curry and probably a little too much ale. The curry was similar in texture to a tin of orange Dulux with occasional lumps of meat. All was well. Until the following morning when things became very very unwell.

The curry eating person rose from their pit and staggered to the bathroom where they successfully gave birth to a large orange shit.

The shit developed an “I will not be flushed” attitude and soon grew legs and shit hair and a penchant for young girls. With those hurdles safely behind it it entered into the world of business and ultimately politics.

Several years later the orange shit became the most powerful man on the planet and the world became shit.

The end.

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