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Who will play the next James Bond?

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This is the biggest question in movies right now.
Not, what the plot twists might be in The Last Jedi. Nope, that one's a tightly held secret unlikely to see the light of day before the movie is released.
What I'd like to know is who will be the next James Bond in the follow up to Spectre.

So here's my wishlist for the new Bond in order.

Tom Hiddleston
Nicholas Hoult
Tom Hardy
Richard Madden
Michael Fassbender

Where do I think the smart money is?

Idris Elba 3/1
Tom Hardy 10/1
Tom Hiddleston 25/1

We'll just have to wait and see.
I'm not a huge fan of Elba. Would much rather Hiddleston got the gig. I'm pretty sure his casting in Kong was a deliberate attempt to prove his credibility as an action hero.

Some more thoughts on who might play the next James Bond.

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Written by Wilf26th July 2017

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