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Valak - the nun from The Conjuring 2

Valak - the nun from The Conjuring 2 thumbnail image

Oh sweet Jesus.
This image turned me to stone when I watched The Conjuring 2 at the cinema last year.
The painting in the study was bad enough but to see this thing come to life, oh lord.

So it's bothering me that the best part of the film is having it's 'own show'.
The horror will get watered down to the point where we become desensitised to it.
The nun will be everywhere. Like those awful 'Keep calm and...' mugs, dish cloths, plates etc.
The nun will become a parody of itself and come to represent a great opportunity to burn its way into your brain in a most uncomfortable way rather than a standalone fright.

If The Nun is a great success (which I doubt) then there'll be more.
If it isn't (which I suspect) then we'll still have The Nun as a film.

There's no win.
I love my horror and Valak bothered me. But please, Hollywood. Stop it!

Written by Wilf29th July 2017

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