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Classic movie scene: The T-Rex attack from Jurassic Park

The T-Rex attack thumbnail image

On a scale of 1 to bloody awesome, this scene is right up there with the best that cinema has to offer.

We all knew there was a T-Rex and we all knew that no good was going to come of the park's security systems failing.
But I don't think any of us in the cinema on that day in 1993 had any idea just how incredible the T-Rex attack would be.

It's night, it's raining like hell, the floor is basically a quagmire and the humans are sat in their cars like rabbits in a cage.

In the Top Trumps of Dinosaurs the one you always wanted in your hand was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The king of the badasses. The one with the useless little stumpy arms but a head the size of your bathroom and a mouth lined with daggers.

The build up is beautiful.

The goat that is fed to the Rex is despatched with ease. The electric fence has failed and the teeth get to work chewing to freedom.

Before you know it the king of the monsters is right there amongst the people.
Fortunately for us the kids are sat in the same car as the useless, scared shitless lawyer who panics, runs off to sit on the bog and, well, you know the rest.
The tension that this enormous creature stalking the kids gives us is like nothing you've ever experience in cinema to that point.

Jeff Goldblum does his Jeff Goldblum bit and casually attracts the attention of said beast in order to allow Malcolm Grant to save the surely doomed kiddos.
My only issue is with the ridiculous 200 foot drop that emerged in the paddock after the T-Rex casually stepped through not 10 minutes earlier. But hey ho, it's cinema and not meant to be analysed in such detail.

Written by Wilf5th September 2017

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