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The mysterious fate of Percival Fawcett

The mysterious fate of Percival Fawcett thumbnail image

I sat down to enjoy The Lost City of Z (Zed not Zee) last night.
In short, what a wonderful film. Well acted and beautifully absorbing.
I confess I am a sucker for that Victorian / early 20th Century story of exploration and adventure. A time when vast areas of planet Earth were still uncharted and very much home to mysterious tribes and civilisations.

Charlie Hunman was excellent as the Englishman adventurer with a single minded determination to discover the truth about the 'lost city'.
Whether the fabled place exists or not we are left wondering throughout.
Fawcett has many things to contend with on his adventures, not least the outbreak of The Great War.

If you enjoy a good story, a good deal of mystery, a proper period tale with some fine acting and unexpected twists, then I heartily recommend this movie.
Best enjoyed with a good red ;)

Written by Wilf9th August 2017

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