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The correct order to watch the Star Wars movies

The correct order to watch the Star Wars movies thumbnail image

Ok, let's put this one to bed.
There really is only one order to watch the Star Wars movies and that's from Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace.

But, and it's a huge but, the first three films feel decidedly detached from the rest of the series.

The Force Awakens gave us some indication of the feel for episodes 8 and 9 which, let's face it, would place them a lot closer to the original trilogy than the prequels.

As a Star Wars fan I enjoyed the prequels.
As a purist (I like my CGI but not an entire movie of it) I was left feeling a fair bit dismayed at their style and it's the style of those films that continues to give me a bad taste in my mouth.
I can just about tolerate Jar Jar Binks and the amateurish acting throughout of the two Anakins.
I can tolerate the not-so-funny droids and the ridiculous politics of the senate.
Darth Maul and the pod racing more than made up for most of that.
But those shiny spaceships?
The gungans in general?

I was 7 (almost 8) when the first film hit cinemas in the UK back in 1978. I remember it well and the impact it had on myself and my friends.
I'm not sure the prequels had quite the same effect on 7 or 8 year olds upon their release.

So although I would insist that the movies are watched in their episodic order to get the best from the story, I'd have to say that if I was introducing my children to the series again, I'd go from Episode 4 - A New Hope and wait to see if they expressed an interest in finding out about where Darth Vader really came from.

Written by Wilf28th July 2017

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