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Classic movie scene: The Cloverfield monster reveal from Cloverfield

The Cloverfield monster reveal thumbnail image

Cloverfield has its fans but it also has its haters. I'm very much a fan. It's a movie with an enormous monster laying waste to a city. What's not to like?

The thing that captured my imagination was the use of the hand-held camera which meant that nothing was staged. When you caught glimpse of the creature it was always a hasty glimpse where you were left begging for more.
Even the TV footage as seen in the hardware store was hasty. Humorous, thieves in possession of their new stereos and TVs gawping at the screen as the news unfolded, but hasty none the less.

So everything about this movie is about "what the hell is it that is doing this?"
For added drama the writers had the monster spill its minions into the streets. Rabid little buggers with big teeth and a heck of a stride on them. These things are to be feared perhaps more than the 400 foot monstrosity that's laying waste to buildings and bridges.

So it's a huge relief and neatly positioned payoff that sees us finally get a glimpse of the monster as the film draws to a close.
An escape attempt is thwarted by the creature and without a chance to consider their bearings our heroes are confronted by their nemesis. Night has given way to day and we see the thing in all its glory.

We know nothing of its origin. We nothing of its species. Theories abound but crucially we know nothing. This, for me, is a huge part of the appeal of the feature.

When we do see it it's hard to try and pin its form. Is it a ridiculously over-grown rodent with crazy lizard like long legs? Just what in the hell is it?
It probably matters not. That reveal lingers long enough for us all to stop chewing the popcorn and try to make sense of just what we've invested in for the last hour and a half.

Written by Wilf6th September 2017

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