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Classic movie scene: The Binary Sunset from Star Wars: A New Hope

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Of all the moments in all the Star Wars movies this is the one that made me stop and think the most.
Of all the action and all the drama in Star Wars, it's the Binary Sunset that transported me to a different world.
It inspired me then and it inspires me now.
How I remember staring out of my bedroom window as a boy and imagining that the moon in the night sky was one of the twin suns.
As a sat there by the window I imagined space battles, fantastic stories, adventures beyond the stars and all manner of experiences.
To watch the Binary Sunset scene now with the incredible John Williams soundtrack just throws me right back to a time in my childhood where anything and everything was possible.
Luke Skywalker, I was. Even at 9 or 10 years old I felt his frustration. I wanted a life of adventure and stories and endless optimism.
Oh to be a child again.
A true classic and a scene I never tire of watching.

Written by Wilf29th July 2017

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