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Terrified Japanese fleeing Tyrannosaur

Terrified Japanese fleeing Tyrannosaur thumbnail image

I've watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park more than I care to admit. There's so much in it for me to latch onto.
Julianne Moore (whom I adore), Pete Postlethwaite (inimitable), Jeff Goldblum (always superb) and, of course, the dinosaurs.
What could be better than a prehistoric monster rampaging around San Diego?
I'll cut to the chase in that I clocked a blatant nod to Godzilla in a scene where a bunch of Japanese businessmen scream and flee as T-Rex comes thundering down the main street toward them.
I know, the entire film and series is essentially a nod to those old movies, but this clip I found pretty humorous.
So much in the film is funny when it shouldn't be.
Gotta love those monster movies. Keep making 'em Hollywood. If only for me. I refuse to grow up.

Written by Wilf12th July 2017

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