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Painter 2019 issues on iMac with Wacom Cintiq

So I upgraded my Painter 2017 to Painter 2019 and it's awesome.
Just wanted to vent a little though as there's some issues I found.

I'm using a Wacom Cintiq 22HDT.
The computer is an iMac (2013) running the latest OS (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5)

The Wacom drivers are up to date (6.3.30-2)

1 The Cintiq supports touch control but in Painter 2019 it's a bit hit and miss when I touch with two fingers to zoom in / out. There seems to be no control over when it allows me to zoom.
Occasionally I tap the pen on the document and try again but it's just not 100% responsive.
For me this needs fixing urgently but I couldn't say whether it's a Wacom issue or one for Corel.

2 The eraser doesn't always work as required. More often than not when I select the eraser and touch the pen to the screen I get a new Thick Paint Layer. Completely inexplicable! The work-around is to reset the eraser tool from the control panel at the top of the app. But it's annoying as I may have adjusted the eraser settings.

3 Occasionally using Cmd + Tab to switch between apps renders the pen useless for a few seconds when switching back to Painter 2019. I do this a lot as I work using a number of apps simultaneously for reference. I don't like to clog the Painter interface using the standard reference image window.

So, any Painter 2019 experts out there with similar hardware I'd love to hear how you're getting on!

Written by Wilf5th July 2018