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Nicholas Hoult as James Bond

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I remember seeing Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy with Hugh Grant. Back then I obviously couldn't imagine this young kid assuming the role of James Bond.
Brosnan was Bond back then and a fine Bond he was too. Second only to Daniel Craig in my list of favourite Bonds (and I grew up with Moore, who was, at the time, excellent.)
I only ever saw Connery as Bond later in my teens and as good as he was I always felt he wasn't my bond.
Much like Tom Baker as Doctor Who. He was my Doctor.
So what would Hoult bring to the role?
Well, first off, I think he'd bring youth. That's obvious. He's only 26 right now at the time of writing.
For 2019's Bond he's missed the boat but for the next one? Maybe in 2023. Hoult would be 32 or thereabouts and perfect for the next 10 years of bond.
He's a handsome chap and quintessentially English. British if you prefer. But best of all he's a talented and versatile actor.
Some of the names in the frame (Elba, Hardy, Cavill) are great but I fear they don't bring the charm or sincerity that actors such as Hiddleston or Hoult could bring.
So Nicholas Hoult leaps up the order for me and sits beside Tom Hiddleston as my prefered choice for Bond post 2019 :-)

Written by Wilf29th July 2017

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