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Is 'Shatterhand' the title of Bond 25?


So this morning I had a Google Alert drop into my mailbox that carried the enticing headline 'New James Bond movie Shatterhand...'
My apologies to Bond aficionados who may be frustrated by my lack of knowledge. I'm a Bond fan but not that hardcore.
So this headline intrigued me and I went to take a look.
Here's the link: New James Bond movie Shatterhand
I assumed it is indeed the title, working or otherwise, and went scouring the web.
It seems that this is old news amongst the Bond community and is met with mixed opinion. (Of course!)
Bond lovers and Doctor Who lovers have probably spilled their emotions all over the internet in recent weeks so little wonder there's a fair bit written about them.
My own opinion (not that it matters) is that Shatterhand sounds a little odd. But then most titles sound a little odd at first. As long as it's well acted, well produced and has an Aston Martin DB5 in there somewhere I'll probably be happy :-)

Written by Wilf30th July 2017

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