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By the Sea

My rating


God this is a slow film.
The story is actually reasonable but god it's slow.
Angelina Jolie is as hot as always but god she's miserable.
Brad Pitt is the Hemingway-like writer / drunk who seems to have had enough of his wife and then, on the other hand, adores her.
Trouble is, his wife is preoccupied with the couple in the room next door and then has the nerve to bollock Pitt for glancing at the woman in said room next door.
Weird but enticing.
Lots of French with subtitles.
I'd recommend either a good French red or perhaps brandy for this one.

Icon - adults Adults only!
Icon - family One for the whole family
Icon - pizza Best enjoyed with pizza
Icon - popcorn Best enjoyed with popcorn
Icon - wine A movie to relax to with wine
Icon - beer A movie to guzzle a few beers to
Icon - tea Feet up with a cup of tea movie
Icon - turkey Nope. It's a turkey. Best left alone.

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