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Classic movie scene: Discovery of Mina Harker in the mines from Dracula (1979)

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Oh god I just don't know where to start with this.
Jan Francis, she of Just Good Friends fame from the 1980s, portrays Mina Van Helsing.
Seduced and attacked by Dracula she is hastily buried and, well, that's that.

Or is it?

The lunatic asylum erupts in hysteria with inmates screaming of babies being stolen and Miss Mina being responsible.

Van Helsing goes to Mina's grave only to discover that she has indeed vanished!
But, there's a gaping hole in the coffin that leads down into the mines. A mine network that leads straight from the graveyard to the asylum.
Poor old Larry Olivier trapses along the grubby mine clutching his crucifix like it's a new born child only to go and drop the bloody thing in a puddle.
And when he collects it, stands up and looks ahead, what does he see?....
Well, it aint pretty.

This scene bothered me as a kid and to be frank bothers me now.
I have no clue what strange dialect Mina is muttering as she confronts her father but it's the stuff of nightmares.

*UPDATE: It turns out that Mina is speaking German. Komme mit mir (Come with me).

If only for this sequence I recommend watching the film. You won't be disappointed. For me it's the best of all Dracula films and something I'll never forget.

Written by Wilf2nd August 2017

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