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Big Eyes

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Amy Adams is the hero here. A beautiful and talented artist who falls into Christoph Waltz's 'trap' of churning out artwork that he can claim as his own.
It's not only a quirky tale but a well made one courtesy of Tim Burton's direction and Danny Elfman's score.
A fine film for lighter moments.
Possibly one to share but for me it's generally another solo movie.
Popcorn count = no popcorn required.

Icon - adults Adults only!
Icon - family One for the whole family
Icon - pizza Best enjoyed with pizza
Icon - popcorn Best enjoyed with popcorn
Icon - wine A movie to relax to with wine
Icon - beer A movie to guzzle a few beers to
Icon - tea Feet up with a cup of tea movie
Icon - turkey Nope. It's a turkey. Best left alone.

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