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Classic movie scene: Clifford Worley and the Sicilian Mafia from True Romance

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Of all the movies that Tarantino has had a hand in, it's True Romance that I hold as favourite.
It's such a powerful piece of cinema that, thanks to Tony Scott (he of Top Gun), has a very human glow to it.
As a bit of a gaming nerd I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back in the day as it appeared to mimic some of True Romance's later sequences.

But of all the scenes in the movie it's Clarence's dad's death at the hands of the Sicilian mafia that stands out.
Here we have two veteran actors; Dennis Hopper (Clifford Worley - about to be shot numerous times) and Christopher Walken (mobster about to do said shooting). Hopper is bound to a chair in his trailer home in Detroit. Walken demands to know where his son is as he has accidentally picked up a ton of his drugs in a suitcase that he believed to belong to his now wife.
Hopper lies. Walken doesn't believe him.
Hopper gets a nice clean knife wound to his hand that is topped off nicely with some bourbon for added sting.
Accepting his fate Hopper accepts a smoke from Walken and proceeds to relax into a story about how Sicilians are in fact 'niggers' thanks to the migrating Africans.

"So your great grandmother fucked a nigger..."

Walken laughs. They all laugh, nervously.
Hopper laughs, though he knows what's coming...

True Romance is perfect cinema for me. The acting is crisp and the settings are varied and beautiful whilst maintaining all the brutality of a well worked Tarantino storyline.
It feels like a pleasure to see Hopper and Walken for that short sequence doing what they do best.

Written by Wilf27th August 2017

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