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Painter 2019 issues on iMac with Wacom Cintiq

So I upgraded my Painter 2017 to Painter 2019 and it's awesome. Just wanted to vent a little though as there's some issues I found. I'm using a Wacom Cintiq 22HDT. The computer is an iMac (2013) running the latest OS (MacOS High...

5th July 2018
by Wilf
Vintage Weight Watchers app update

For fans of the vintage method of calculating Weight Watchers points I’ve updated my app for iOS. Android to follow. Vintage Points Calculator ...

26th April 2018
by Wilf
Writing a horror / thriller screenplay imageWriting a horror / thriller screenplay

So I'm a budding writer and one of my passions is the horror / thriller genre. Right up front I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of slashers and blatant gorefests. To me it's all just pantomime. I am...

29th October 2017
by Wilf
Vintage Weight Watchers Calculator on Google Play imageVintage Weight Watchers Calculator on Google Play

My funky little Weight Watchers vintage calculator is now available on Google's Play Store. Here's the link: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.spacemonstergames.vintageww ...

24th October 2017
by Wilf
Vintage Weight Watchers Calculator on iOS AppStore imageVintage Weight Watchers Calculator on iOS AppStore

I've been developing again. This time it's a Vintage Weight Watchers Calculator that you can find on the iOS AppStore. Here's the link: itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wilfs-vintage-calculator ...

23rd October 2017
by Wilf
Mobile Arcade Game - Thundergun imageMobile Arcade Game - Thundergun

I recently developed a retro styled arcade game for iOS. It's called Thundergun and is modelled around the 1942 franchise of games by Capcom. You can view it on the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thunder-gun-retro-shooter/id1217109665 ...

19th October 2017
by Wilf
Explaining the Gosforth Cross, Cumbria imageExplaining the Gosforth Cross, Cumbria

Today, I was fortunate enough to visit the Anglo-Saxon era Viking cross in Gosforth's village church. I could write chapter and verse on it but this video explains things so much more eloquently than I ever could.

19th October 2017
by Wilf
What next for Vikings in Season 5 and beyond imageWhat next for Vikings in Season 5 and beyond

I'm a huge nerd for Norse mythology, Vikings, Dragons and medieval history. The TV show Vikings (soon to be airing Season 5) is a first rate show. Ragnar Lodbrok is the stuff of Viking legend. Akin to King Arthur or Robin Hood...

14th October 2017
by Wilf
Ah, Blake Lively imageAh, Blake Lively

I've watched The Age of Adaline a few times in recent months. I can't remember the last time a film had such a profound effect on me. Everything that was so effective about it was channeled through Blake Lively. A more...

11th October 2017
by Wilf
Movies where monsters attack New York imageMovies where monsters attack New York

As I'm sat here watching King Kong (the Peter Jackson one), I'm struck with the thought of those films where a monster attacks New York. I'm pretty sure that of all the cities in the world The Big Apple has fared worse...

12th September 2017
by Wilf
Fort Snowhawk in Skyrim imageFort Snowhawk in Skyrim

I'm a total nerd for Skyrim. Just about the only game I play these days. There's no finer feeling for me than sitting down after a long day of work and cranking up the XBox to swagger around the...

12th September 2017
by Wilf
Films that are a bit like Dungeons and Dragons

Sometimes I'm in the mood for real high fantasy stuff. The kind of thing that even Game of Thrones doesn't satisfy. If I'm in the mood I'd like something that is, for all intents and purposes, a live action Dungeons and Dragons...

11th September 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: The Cloverfield monster reveal imageClassic scene: The Cloverfield monster reveal

Cloverfield has its fans but it also has its haters. I'm very much a fan. It's a movie with an enormous monster laying waste to a city. What's not to like? The thing that captured my imagination was the use of the...

6th September 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: The T-Rex attack imageClassic scene: The T-Rex attack

On a scale of 1 to bloody awesome, this scene is right up there with the best that cinema has to offer. We all knew there was a T-Rex and we all knew that no good was going to come of the...

5th September 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: Clifford Worley and the Sicilian Mafia imageClassic scene: Clifford Worley and the Sicilian Mafia

Of all the movies that Tarantino has had a hand in, it's True Romance that I hold as favourite. It's such a powerful piece of cinema that, thanks to Tony Scott (he of Top Gun), has a very human glow to...

27th August 2017
by Wilf
Interesting trailer for upcoming Godzilla Anime imageInteresting trailer for upcoming Godzilla Anime


21st August 2017
by Wilf
Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer? imagePacific Rim: Uprising Trailer?

Well, it certainly looks like Jaeger from Pacific Rim to me. But it also could pass as any number of video games. Who knows. ...

15th August 2017
by Wilf
Toothless art imageToothless art

So I'm also a bit of an arty doodler. Here's a little sketch I did of everybody's favourite bad ass dragon - The Night Fury. Well, who doesn't love a bit of How to Train Your Dragon, eh? ...

14th August 2017
by Wilf
The mysterious fate of Percival Fawcett imageThe mysterious fate of Percival Fawcett

I sat down to enjoy The Lost City of Z (Zed not Zee) last night. In short, what a wonderful film. Well acted and beautifully absorbing. I confess I am a sucker for that Victorian / early 20th Century story of exploration...

9th August 2017
by Wilf
Is 10 Cloverfield Lane a sequel? imageIs 10 Cloverfield Lane a sequel?

Well, the answer is clearly no. I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane again last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you've not seen the movie and have it on your list of things to watch I'd heartily recommend it. I won't write spoilers...

7th August 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: Discovery of Mina Harker in the mines imageClassic scene: Discovery of Mina Harker in the mines

Oh god I just don't know where to start with this. Jan Francis, she of Just Good Friends fame from the 1980s, portrays Mina Van Helsing. Seduced and attacked by Dracula she is hastily buried and, well,...

2nd August 2017
by Wilf
Rose Byrne in Star Wars imageRose Byrne in Star Wars

Well, you probably already knew this. But for me it was a nice surprise. Rose Byrne, the most beautiful woman in Hollywoodland, was indeed in Star Wars' 2nd episode; Attack of the Clones. A fun film...

1st August 2017
by Wilf
The Last Jedi plot details imageThe Last Jedi plot details

Here's a quick round up of some of my personal favourite plot ideas for the forthcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Snoke is actually only about 4 feet high and is a little bit camp. Kylo Ren...

1st August 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: Joker destroys Gotham Hospital imageClassic scene: Joker destroys Gotham Hospital

This really is my favourite moment from Christopher Nolan's Batman reboot. Heath Ledger seems made for his role as the Joker. Beautifully manic and wonderfully watchable. So here he is in Gotham's General...

1st August 2017
by Wilf
Is Is 'Shatterhand' the title of Bond 25?

So this morning I had a Google Alert drop into my mailbox that carried the enticing headline 'New James Bond movie Shatterhand...' My apologies to Bond aficionados who may be frustrated by my lack of knowledge. I'm a Bond fan but not...

30th July 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: The blood test imageClassic scene: The blood test

Oh god this scene is a powerful scene. For me The Thing is one of the most powerful horror films ever made. It just gets everything right. John Carpenter has been a bit hit and miss over the years. I never liked They...

29th July 2017
by Wilf
Classic scene: The Binary Sunset imageClassic scene: The Binary Sunset

Of all the moments in all the Star Wars movies this is the one that made me stop and think the most. Of all the action and all the drama in Star Wars, it's the Binary Sunset that transported me to a...

29th July 2017
by Wilf
Valak - the nun from The Conjuring 2 imageValak - the nun from The Conjuring 2

Oh sweet Jesus. This image turned me to stone when I watched The Conjuring 2 at the cinema last year. The painting in the study was bad enough but to see this thing come to life, oh lord. So it's...

29th July 2017
by Wilf
Nicholas Hoult as James Bond imageNicholas Hoult as James Bond

I remember seeing Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy with Hugh Grant. Back then I obviously couldn't imagine this young kid assuming the role of James Bond. Brosnan was Bond back then and a fine Bond he...

29th July 2017
by Wilf
The correct order to watch the Star Wars movies imageThe correct order to watch the Star Wars movies

Ok, let's put this one to bed. There really is only one order to watch the Star Wars movies and that's from Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. But, and it's a huge but, the first...

28th July 2017
by Wilf
Exciting new The Last Jedi posters imageExciting new The Last Jedi posters

Some excellent character posters for the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, have been posted online. The Express website has them in a slideshow as well as some cool news...

27th July 2017
by Wilf
Who will play the next James Bond? imageWho will play the next James Bond?

This is the biggest question in movies right now. Not, what the plot twists might be in The Last Jedi. Nope, that one's a tightly held secret unlikely to see the light of day before...

26th July 2017
by Wilf
The Last Jedi Plot

Very little is available for the upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. But I found this article on IGN rather enticing. New Star Wars The Last Jedi plot details revealed As can...

24th July 2017
by Wilf
The Last Jedi homepage imageThe Last Jedi homepage

The homepage for the forthcoming Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, is online courtesy of the Star Wars website. Star Wars: The Last Jedi homepage ...

14th July 2017
by Wilf
Falling with style

I never tire of watching Falling Down. I watched it again last night and felt gripped by it. It's a film full of contrasts and juxtapositions. Michael Douglas is just brilliant. The unhinged nutcase with a small arsenal in a kit bag quietly...

13th July 2017
by Wilf
Terrified Japanese fleeing Tyrannosaur imageTerrified Japanese fleeing Tyrannosaur

I've watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park more than I care to admit. There's so much in it for me to latch onto. Julianne Moore (whom I adore), Pete Postlethwaite (inimitable), Jeff Goldblum (always superb) and, of course, the dinosaurs. What could...

12th July 2017
by Wilf
Please, internet, don't ruin my Star Wars christmas

It's just not like the old days. Back in 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back was about to launch we only had the playground banter amongst Star Wars fans. We loved it. Probably a bit too much. Nobody else got us. The...

9th July 2017
by Wilf
Very scary and gutsy women!

Good god in heaven. Just watched this on recommendation from a friend. Ballsy women with their own story to tell unite to go diving into an uncharted cave only to discover hell is waiting. Some scenes are pretty much 'woah don't look at the...

4th July 2017
by Wilf
Still bloody creepy

Cillian Murphy looks as bemused and terrified as usual. To be fair to him everyone's dead. It's a creepy film. Amphetamine fuelled zombies is a pretty horrible premise for a film and it's all wonderfully executed. Extremely re-watchable. ...

2nd July 2017
by Wilf
Not enough monsters

I watched this. It was cool. John Goodman isn't John Candy. Which is obvious though I've always confused the two if only in name. My enduring memory of this film is the tension and the 'what the hell is on the outside?' And then...

30th June 2017
by Wilf

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